How Could She
By Amanda Lake
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Featured Porm: How Could She
How could she? She felt trapped, used and betrayed. How could she break the chain's? How could she get
out of the darkness, everyday it's a struggle, just to get by, there's so much that she wants, but she doesn't
want to dream. When will the torture stop? I've had enough, can I fight back? Can I take a stand?
Could she escape the spell she's under? Could she escape reality? Where everything is wonderful.
Can she break away? she discover's a way, a way to leave this world, so she would forget everything.
She can do so much better, she doesn't know it, that she's so much more,
can she discover it, can she discover God?

By Amanda Lake

Writer Comments:
When I Was about fifteen I Was still going through so much,
Sometimes I'm not good at using words to describe how I felt,
so I would write and talk with God..
He was the only one that truly loved and understood me!
He healed my Brokenness.

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