By Amanda Lake
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Featured Poem: Flowers
Roses, Tulips and Daisies, so many flowers and so many, different scents, and different shapes and, sizes.
Roses their beautiful smell, and the romance that they send, when someone gives you a single, red rose.
Tulips their sweet, sweet smell, and unique shape and the wonderful, promise that they send during spring.
Daisies their soft pedals and their, cute way of life. Flowers say so much about God's, creation and the
message that they, send during spring, summer and fall, flowers so many different scents, shapes and sizes,

By Amanda Lake

Writer Comments:
I love Flowers. One day I was outside in my back yard,
it was in the summer and the flowers were so beautiful,
so unique in their own special way.

They were so perfect,
I kept staring at them with wonder and happiness,
to think that something that wonderful and beautiful could exist.

I'm very happy that our Creator made something that wonderful for our enjoyment!

Sometime, go for a walk and just look at the flowers and
you too will be amazed by their unique beauty!


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i'm sorry that i hurt you i love your poems love you always

Posted by dragonfly on Saturday, 02.21.09 @ 13:02pm

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