A Broken Heart
By Amanda Lake
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Featured Poem: A Broken Heart
Words of different colors are spoken. She doesn't care what she says.
I try to handle it the best that I can, but my heart is still broken. I have a broken heart.
I cry myself to sleep almost every night. As I lift my eyes towards the midnight sky and I realize
that a heart is never to broken for God to heal. Each and everyday as I try to find my way I know that
little by little God is healing my heart in every way. I know that its not going to be easy but I know
in my heart that I've got to try. My heart is broken, its torn in two. But there's only one person that
can heal my broken heart, its God. A heart is never to broken for God to heal. God will not leave my side,
he'll heal my broken heart in time. A broken heart is never to broken for God to heal,
all you have to do is let him. A broken heart.

By Amanda Lake

Writer Comments:
When I was fourteen years old I was going through a lot,
my heart was very broken,
my mother had left me, I felt so abandoned!
I wasn't sure how to cope, until I realized that
God could heal it, I just had to ask him and
believe that he could heal my heart!
I am very happy that I realized that!
God is the only one that heal a broken heart.

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